sql server query performance testing tool

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Current Version: 0.9.7 [beta-2] (x86)

0.9.7 Notes:

  • Should now be SQL Server 2000 compatible
  • Fixed order of database names in database selection module
  • Fixed bug where an exception would occur if a new server didn't have the same database name as the previously selected server
  • Database and server names now show up on the main screen during a stress run
  • Implemented better timing, using System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch
  • Load threads now have lower priority than the UI thread, which should eliminate many lockup problems
  • Re-architected the internal load engine's communication back to the UI to enhance performance and stability
  • The internal load engine will now reuse objects much more efficiently than before, which should help ease memory utilization and GC time
  • Included a config file so that the Server GC is used by default
  • Parameter window now displays an error message if no variables are identified in the main query window

    Previous Version: 0.9.4 [beta-1] (x86)

    0.9.4 Notes:

  • All basic functionality implemented.

    adam machanic
    contact: amachanic@datamanipulation.net